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Men’s Clothes

Browsing through our extensive range of fabric (Selection of the finest fabrics, Super 210s and super 180s fine wools, cashmere, guanaco, vicuña) and lining you will be guided to ensure that the perfect durability and weight of cloth is selected for your needs. Once you have chosen your fabric, a full set of intricately precise measurements will be taken to ensure the perfect fit, taking into account your unique build and posture.

You will also have the opportunity to choose the finer details of the suit, shirt, trouser etc, such as the style, pockets, cuffs, buttons, and much more. Once these details have been collated, we then begin construction of the suit, a process which takes approximately six weeks.

S. Nawani

Ladies Wear

The Woman collection is the expression of timeless essentials with a touch of modern inspiration. Discover classics like an oversized trench, simple slip dress, tailored suit jacket or high-waisted trouser that can be combined with minimalist shoes, bags and accessories for a wardrobe of effortless elegance.

Corporate & Hospitality needs

We have wide range of ready-made Corporate and Hospitality wear. If your company requires a custom solution our designers will create unique uniform specially for you.


Pay attention to the finer details with our new season collection of men’s accessories. Help define your look with our quality range of ties, pocket squares, lapel pins and more.

Finest Fabric Selection

Clothes starts from the High Quality Fabrics thats why we are paying close attention on choosing our suppliers. We offer excellent selection of Pure Wool, Cotton, Cashmere and Silk

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