RK Fashions

Hong Kong Tailors since 1974

Our company’s specialization is top of the line Hand Tailored Suits and personalised Shirts with monograms.

Among the European Fashion Houses you will hardly find a Fashion House with such Imperial credentials as the RK Fashion, which was founded in 1974 in Hong Kong by Sr. Nawani, who gave initials of his parents to form the name of the House, RK Fashion.

Natural and effortless elegance. These values, which had always been rooted in the soul of the company, became the vision of the Group. For over 45 years RK Fashion has grown to become one of Europe’s most well-known and respected providers of true bespoke tailoring house to the modern gentleman. Our suits themselves evoke stories and emotions.

For last 5 decades, the house has been handing down and reinterpreting the most ancient art of tailoring and the formal values of aesthetics with contemporary sensitivity. Our collections are the result of our passion for choosing impalpable, fine-quality fabrics, for attention to detail, for an ongoing quest for excellence, for the new proposals – the capsule collection with the slimmest silhouettes, exclusive – standing alongside our core business that has helped us make our name internationally.

The Group is currently owned & controlled by Mr Sunny. There is a rule that only 2 members of the family can work at the company, prompting fierce competition.

Our journey, which began over 40 years ago, continues into the future.

RK Fashion was founded in 1974 by Sr. Nawani at its original premises of TST Kowloon, HongKong. Born in India, Sr. Nawani, started working as dressmakers with their mother at a very young age. He was born in 1940 and grew up in India and Thailand, attempting to assimilate in both cultures. He later moved to Hong Kong where he first made some apprentice in other tailoring and sewed clothes at home. The collection was then featured in one of the prominent magazine of the era. In 1973 Sr. Nawani founded a high fashion atelier in Hong Kong. Nawani created his first successful design – a dark suit with brightly colored lining. From then their brand gradually raised in the international jet set, and they dressed many celebrities and also several heads of state.

After thirty years cutting experience he decided the time was right for them to branch out and bring their own unique style of tailoring to customers

In May 1990 Sunny took the reins under the Nawani Group umbrella. While Sunny succeeded in turning a small company specializing in bespoke fashion into an international luxury made to measure exclusive bespoke tailor of elite.

The Second generation of his family to work in the trade, he learned tailoring at his Father’s knee and was cutting his own clothes before he left school. Fascinated by men’s clothing, he then trained at the Royal College of Art, before going into business on his own at 23. Filled with vision and an expert in production procedures, he began to modernize style. The sense of design and the search for increasingly sophisticated fabrics contribute to the natural elegance of the label.

Since branching out on his own in 1992 in Vienna, Sunny has managed to achieve recognition from many of Europe’s A-list Corporate House, House of Lords, etc. Concurrently with building his custom-made orders, Sunny has built a successful high-end executive line currently selling in the some of the most prestigious boutiques in Europe and around the globe.

The 1990s were a golden age for Sunny. Its clothing had graced the shoulders of several head of states and officials, and the momentum continued in the next decade. Whilst the company eschewed publicity, its well-known network of customers from the theatre, Hollywood, society and politics made it an influential force in the world of men’s style.

In April 2016, Sunny opened its first boutique in Brussels. This was a vital step in its foreign expansion project as it promises to be a springboard for commercial development in Europe.

Guided by the principle he refers to as “The Democratization of Luxury”, Sunny is known to creates clothes that are very much inspired by the modern luxury  tradition, with an infusion of romance and aimed at the new, international and democratically-minded consumer.

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